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Free Psychedelic Videos to Watch Online. Part II

Here are more free video clips from Web420 has a growing video collection that now includes over 600 videos in 17 categories! Visit the Web420 video area to watch more trippy and psychedelic videos for free. Members can add videos to our site from Youtube, Google Videos, Dailymotion, and other video sites. If you have interesting or trippy videos you would like to share you should add them to our site. Now without further ado, here are the videos:

Psychedelic Videos
These are the trippy psychedelic and cool visual effects videos. Psychedelic Videos Category

Psychedelic Visuals Psychedelic Visuals
A trippy psychedelic video with a lot of bright flashing colors and trippy animation. It also has strange electronic style music.

What The Night Reveals What The Night Reveals
It has some osculating fractals, and really trippy morphing rainbow colors.

Swirling Rainbow and Loud Bass Swirling Rainbow and Loud Bass
This is a swirling and rotating electric rainbow with loud bass frequencies for sounds.

Colorful 'n Abstract Colorful ‘n Abstract
Interesting psychedelic visuals. Has a lot of small flashing symbols and electronic music track.

Trippy and Fun Videos
These are mostly just for fun and entertainment purposes.

Crater Face Crater Face
This is a great short video about an astronaut who finds two creatures on the moon and sacrifices everything to bring them together. It tells a complex story without any dialogue, but using just music to express the meaning. Very well done short animation.

The Meaning of Life - Stop Motion The Meaning of Life – Stop Motion
Haiku project – stop motion based on Marcia’s haiku: The Meaning of Life She asked me about the meaning of life, didn’t Know what to say…

Johnny Ganja Seed: Episode 1 Johnny Ganja Seed: Episode 1
In this video the government creates a bug that destroys all the marijuana in the world. See what Johnny does about it… Watch Johnny Ganja Seed episode 2.

Spongebong Hemppants: Episode 1 Spongebong Hemppants: Episode 1
Spongebob parody made by VH1 where they are all stoners. Spongebong and Patrick laughs at stupid things, eat all the time, and sometimes become paranoid. You can also watch Spongebong Hemppants episode 2, or Spongebong Hemppants episode 3.

Guy starts dance party Guy starts dance party
In this a video there is one guy dancing by himself and then a couple people join, then more and more people join in until it’s a huge dance party.

3D Illusion and magic eye videos
If you have difficulty seeing the illusions try watching the small version of it, and not using fullscreen.

How to view Magic Eye images How to view Magic Eye images
This video is an aid to help you learn how to view 3D ‘magic-eye’ images. I hope it works for you!

Stereogram hypercube Stereogram hypercube
To view this video correctly look at the wall behind the screen till the markers combine into one.

3D Stereogram Animation 3D Stereogram Animation
This is a magic eye type video where you can see 3D objects if you cross your eyes just right.

Another Trippy 3D Stereogram Animation Another Trippy 3D Stereogram Animation
HD animated stereogram made with XenoDream using unique method, Single Viewpoint Stereography. Cross your eyes to see the 3D effect. (Parallel method works too)

Music Videos
These are some music videos I enjoyed, and thought other people might like them too…

Michael Franti - Hey World (Don't Give Up) Michael Franti – Hey World (Don’t Give Up)
Hey World (Don’t Give Up Version) Music Video from the NEW album All Rebel Rockers. Directed By Michael Franti and Carla Swanson, Produced by Stay Human Films.

The Disco Biscuits - Camp IV The Disco Biscuits – Camp IV
The Disco Biscuits playing at Camp Bisco IV. This is one of my favorite Disco Biscuit shows. At the time they were trying to create a sound like a psychedelic Bach, with multiple interweaving layers. Very Trippy… Enjoy!

Built to Spill - Distopian Dream Girl Built to Spill – Distopian Dream Girl
This song is off Built to Spill’s sophomore release, There’s Nothing Wrong With Love. This was the second song of the night, recorded live at The Pageant Theater in St. Louis, Missouri on September 29, 2009. The band was touring in support of their newest record, There Is No Enemy which is due out in record stores on October 6th, 2009.

Klaxons - Gravitys Rainbow Klaxons – Gravitys Rainbow
The song appears on the Klaxon’s album Myths of the Near Future. It is named after Thomas Pynchon’s novel of the same name. The song was first released on Angular Records as a Double A-side with “The Bouncer” in March 2006 and was limited to 500 copies on 7″ vinyl only. In September 2006, it was released on 12″ vinyl with three remixes of the track. It reached a peak position of number 35 on the UK Singles Chart.

Lucid Dreaming Videos
Lucid dreaming is being aware within your dreams, and being able to control them. I think everyone should try to utilize their dream selves and intuitive abilities to enhance their lives.Lucid Dreaming Category

Lucid Dreaming Tutorial Lucid Dreaming Tutorial
Lucid Dreaming Tutorial: MILD and WILD Lucid Dream Induction Methods. Techniques to use to remember and control your dreams. Ways to tell if you are in a dream or not.

Political Videos
These are videos about politics and the state of the world.

George Carlin - Who Really Controls America George Carlin – Who Really Controls America
This is a short clip of George Carlin talking about who really controls America… Corporations and the wealthy

Obama and Empire by John Pilger Obama and Empire by John Pilger
John Pilger is a great investigative journalist who looks into human rights abuses among other areas. In this video Pilger talks about how Obama serves corporate interests like most others US politicians, but people think he is a radical or socialist, and may make things better when in reality he is not doing so. Obama got more corporate funding for his presidential campaign than McCain did. The war is Iraq is continuing, Guantanamo bay is still open, companies are destroying the environment and abusing global human rights. The problem is that protesting has stopped because people believe in Obama. Obama is the perfect marketing tool because he can do anything and a lot of people who don’t pay close attention to politics (most US citizens) will still support him. The anti-war protest movements have stopped since Obama became president, even though the amount of troops in Iraq has gone up significantly.

The War On Democracy by John Pilger The War On Democracy by John Pilger
In this video Pilger talks about how the US has tried to dominate politics in South America. It discusses the revolutions in Venezuela and around South America where leaders have been elected who provide financial and educational support for people living in extreme poverty. The US has used coup d’√©tats, guerrilla armies, and propaganda techniques to destabilize and overthrow elected politicians because they do not support US interests. This video talks about how the US and others have undermined Democracy and the principles it stands for.

The videos above are just a sample from There are over 500 videos you can watch for free on Web420. Check out the Web420 video section at

Have a wonderful day! Peace ;D

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Free Psychedelic Videos to Watch Online

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