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    The Psychedelic Beatles

    Here are some trippy psychedelic style Beatles art and graphics. There are images from the Yellow Submarine Movie, Sgt. Pepper, Abbey road, etc.. I hope you enjoy them! If you have other trippy Beatles images you can send them to me! Join the Psychedelic Art Community on Facebook More

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    Who the Hell is this Tachyon Guy?

    Hi all, I am Tachyon, Robert, who runs the excellent website Web420, has asked me to make some blog posts here, about psychedelia. Since this subject is seen by many as obsolete I really need feedback, so please write and let me know what you would like to see here. In my last post, I […] More

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    Where to Now Psychedelia?

    Psychedelia – Coined by psychiatrists in the late 50’s to describe the effects of hallucinogenic drugs which were being tested for therapeutic values; the word psychedelic (mind-manifesting) eventually came to cover a more broad scope of things that had profound effects on the senses and mind. Psychedelic Art is used to describe work which attempts […] More

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    Rare Psychedelic Pink Floyd Video Collection

    Here are some rare Pink Floyd videos I found posted on the internet. There are 10 videos total including Granchester Meadows, Corporal Clegg, Set The Controls For The Heart Of The Sun, Astronomy Domine, See Emily Play, and more! Enjoy!   Pink Floyd | Cymbaline Pink Floyd | Set The Controls For The […] More

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    Auditory Illusions – Free Holophonic Sounds

    Listen to these holophonic auditory illusions using headphones. You might also want to try closing your eyes. The way the audio was recorded creates the effect of being in a 3D environment. The sounds seem to be coming from all different directions. Try out the virtual haircut. (Use headphones for full effect!)   Holophonic Sounds […] More