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    The Vanagon Song

    I drive a muthaf***in vanagon. It’s the dopest f***in ride on the planet man. Its got a queen size futon built right in. An alpine tapedeck spinnin’ the shit. Its got an eagle feather hanging from the rear view mirror. A mini fridge full of pepperoni and lucky beer. A box of granola, a block […] More

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    The Roast of Weed

    A funny animation about different drugs roasting weed. They tell funny drug related jokes. The voices are done by comedians from Comedy Central.   More

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    The Dirty F****** Hippies Were Right

    A video about how a lot of the things hippies were fighting for were right, and still relevant today. Here are the words from the video: ¬†There’s a black granite wall in Washington D.C. that bears 58,260 names on it. All of those whose names are carved on that wall are dead. For what? Freedom? […] More

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    Drunks vs. Highs

    This is a hilarious comedy video of a game show pitting a drunk guy vs a stoned guy to see which is better at completing physical challenges. Who do you think will win?   More

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    The Simpsons Tripping Out

    Video clips of Simpsons characters tripping out. Lisa takes happy pills, Bart drinks an experimental Squishy, Marge drinks tap water dosed with LSD, Mr. Burns inhales an ether soaked rag, Dr. Hibbert smokes marijuana, Homer eats Guatemalan insanity peppers, licks hallucinogenic toads, hallucinates from eating too much meat, and smokes marijuana. This is what happened […] More

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    SpongeBong HempPants Episodes 1, 2, & 3

    SpongeBong HempPants was made by Camp Chaos for the VH1 show ILL-ustrated, but never aired on TV. They produced three episodes of SpongeBong HempPants. This is an adult version of Spongebob where they smoke a lot of sea weed and hash. (Episode 2 is my favorite!) Episode 1 Episode 2 Episode 3 So how did […] More