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The Vanagon Song

I drive a muthaf***in vanagon. It’s the dopest f***in ride on the planet man. Its got a queen size futon built right in. An alpine tapedeck spinnin’ the shit. Its got an eagle feather hanging from the rear view mirror. A mini fridge full of pepperoni and lucky beer. A box of granola, a block of cheese. A mickey of rye, and a quarter of weed.

You can drive it you can drive it. You should drive it think you like it. Put the pedal to the floor feel the thrill. Hear the engine roar.

I drive a muthaf***in vanagon. You can hear the four cylinders roar. As I lay it on the goddamn floor. Hearing me coming from a mile away. Striking fear in your heart and I can hear you say.

Shit man that’s one sweet lookin van. Makes me want to take a torch to my porshe. Would I trade up my soul for it? Yes of course. In a world full of ponies it’s a throughbred horse. Shit man that’s one sweet lookin van. Like salma hayek naked sayin look here I am. Like a kung fu master destroying with grace. Like a T-bone steak on a solid gold plate, yeah.

I drive a muthaf***in vanagon. I know you’re jealous but don’t hate me man. Some of us just lucky that’s the way it is. And I’m the ceo of this bling bling biz

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