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    Flavor Tripping – Miracle Berries

    Flavor tripping is what it is called when you use a ‘miracle berry’ to change your taste buds temporarily, and taste sour things as sweet. After chewing on a miracle berry, foods you are familiar with suddenly taste different. The effect go away after about an hour. If you are interested in trying miracle berries […] More

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    Who the Hell is this Tachyon Guy?

    Hi all, I am Tachyon, Robert, who runs the excellent website Web420, has asked me to make some blog posts here, about psychedelia. Since this subject is seen by many as obsolete I really need feedback, so please write and let me know what you would like to see here. In my last post, I […] More

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    Where to Now Psychedelia?

    Psychedelia – Coined by psychiatrists in the late 50’s to describe the effects of hallucinogenic drugs which were being tested for therapeutic values; the word psychedelic (mind-manifesting) eventually came to cover a more broad scope of things that had profound effects on the senses and mind. Psychedelic Art is used to describe work which attempts […] More

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    Great Topics for a Forum or Bulletin Board

    I searched the internet for a list of topics to start a conversion on an online forum or bulletin board, but didn’t see many sites with the type of information I was looking for. I decided to make my own list of topics good for starting a forum or bulletin board conversation. If you know […] More

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    Get Trippy Psychedelic Posters made by

    Here you can order psychedelic posters made by Web420. In the past a lot of people asked about ordering Web420 posters, now they are available online! Buy posters here! Currently there are 42 different psychedelic posters you can get at our store. Some of the different poster designs you can choose from include: The posters […] More

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    Free Psychedelic Videos to Watch Online. Part II

    Here are more free video clips from Web420 has a growing video collection that now includes over 600 videos in 17 categories! Visit the Web420 video area to watch more trippy and psychedelic videos for free. Members can add videos to our site from Youtube, Google Videos, Dailymotion, and other video sites. If you […] More

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    Free Psychedelic Videos to Watch Online

    Here are few free video clips from Visit the Web420 videos area to watch more videos. Web420 has over 600 videos you can watch online for free. If you want to watch full length movies we offer a bunch of them in the Full Movies section. If you want to watch funny videos check […] More

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    We are looking for bloggers to post psychedelic blog entries

    We are looking for bloggers to submit articles to the site: The articles must be original works, and can’t be posted on other sites on the internet. The articles should be high quality. The articles should relate to the topic of the site in some way. How it will benefit you: A link to your […] More

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    What’s it Like to be Colorblind???

    Have you ever taken the test to see if you are colorblind before? Chances are you have, and you already know if you are colorblind or not. If you are colorblind odds are that you are male since most genes related to colorblindness are on the X chromosome. Most colorblind people are that way because […] More

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