What’s it Like to be Colorblind???

Have you ever taken the test to see if you are colorblind before? Chances are you have, and you already know if you are colorblind or not. If you are colorblind odds are that you are male since most genes related to colorblindness are on the X chromosome. Most colorblind people are that way because of genetics, but it can also be caused by eye, brain, or optic nerve damage. Exposure to certain chemicals can also cause colorblindness.

Ishihara normal ishihara Deuteranopia
Ishihara colorblindness test / How test looks for someone with deuteranopia (red/green) colorblindess

3 Main Types of Genetic Colorblindness

  • Deuteranopia (red/green) colorbliness
  • Protanopia (another type of red/green) colorbliness
  • Tritanopia (blue/yellow) colorbliness


What people see

Strawberries normal Strawberries as seen with red/green colorblindness
Non-Colorblind / Deuteranopia (red/green) Colorblind

Earth normal Earth Deuteranopia Earth Tritanopia
Non-Colorblind / Deuteranopia (red/green) / Tritanopia (blue/yellow)

Poppies Poppies tritanopia Poppies Protanopia
Non-Colorblind / Tritanopia Colorblind / Protanopia Colorblind

Regular colored flag Regular colored flag
Rainbow without colorblindness / Rainbow with Deuteranopia (red/green) colorbliness

Regular colored rainbow Regular colored flag
Rainbow with Protanopia (red/green) colorbliness / Rainbow with Tritanopia (blue/yellow) colorbliness


How art looks to people who are colorblind

Example red green Colorblindness
Original Colors
Poppies tritanopia
Deuteranopia (red/green) colorblindness

Example Blue Yellow Colorblindness
Tritanopia (blue/yellow) colorblindness

See other stuff in simulated colorblind

See what your images look like to someone who is colorblind:

See what your website look like to someone who is colorblind:


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  1. I believe I am deutetanopia color blind but I have am interesting experience. I bought a pair of dark orange prescription sun glasses and took the color test at my ornithologist’s clinic and with them on I could read the circles that I couldn’t without them on, but with then on I couldn’t read others. maybe some kind of solution there?

    • That is interesting! Maybe glasses can bring out differences in the colors, and make them detectable to people who are color blind. Smile

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