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The Simpsons Tripping Out

Video clips of Simpsons characters tripping out. Lisa takes happy pills, Bart drinks an experimental Squishy, Marge drinks tap water dosed with LSD, Mr. Burns inhales an ether soaked rag, Dr. Hibbert smokes marijuana, Homer eats Guatemalan insanity peppers, licks hallucinogenic toads, hallucinates from eating too much meat, and smokes marijuana.

This is what happened right after homer ate the Guatemalan insanity pepper. Homer starts tripping out while talking to Flanders. Not the best video quality, but all I could find.

This is Lisa after she started taking pills to make her feel more happy. Again, not a great quality video.

Mr. Burns inhales a rag with ether and mistakes Homer Simpson for the Pillsbury Doughboy.

Bart and Milhouse find a $20 bill and buy a pure squishy and then go wild Broadway style while on their sugar rush.

This is Homer licking a hallucinogenic frog while doing missionary work in South America.

Lenny licking a hallucinogenic frog while at work.[/video]
Homer gets prescribed Medical Marijuana. Shows some of the clips from the episode

A crazy edited video from when Homer ate the Guatemalan insanity pepper.

Homer Simpson smokes marijuana.

Simpsons mix.

Homer high with Benny Benassi Satisfaction.

Rave Homer. Suggested to us by Jez.

Also see: – Marge drinks some tap water that is dosed with LSD and the walls appear to be melting and the turkey in the oven flies out the window in one of the clips. – 10 best psychedelic trips from the Simpsons.

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