Psychedelic Bay

Psychedelic colors and fractals at the bay. This images has two moons and fractal spirals in the sky. There are mountains and water between them.

Psychedelic Bay

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  1. weeeeeeeeeeeeeeee im loost in the paradox and the same time i find my selv in the 4 dimantional world tAngel

    as i have anderstand d paradox many people say paradox is the ultimat limit of seeing exsistens or miror of exsistens agry but if we some how open the subconConches and dont led it close, in that situvation we hav brake down forst roll to hav control the pradox world.
    robots if the have programd as artifishel intelegents and the hav acses to all memeory they have so they have fully control of subconchesness and acsess to the paradoxSmile

  2. I really love the colors, and the way the moons contrast with the mountains. It’s vibrant, brilliant, and looks very cool.

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