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    Crazy Psychedelic Artwork

    Gallery of trippy psychedelic artwork. The gallery has Pink Floyd and Jimi Hendrix images, spirals, bright colors, crazy patterns, cool fractal designs, abstract art, etc.. Enjoy! Join the Psychedelic Art Community on Facebook More

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    The Psychedelic Beatles

    Here are some trippy psychedelic style Beatles art and graphics. There are images from the Yellow Submarine Movie, Sgt. Pepper, Abbey road, etc.. I hope you enjoy them! If you have other trippy Beatles images you can send them to me! Join the Psychedelic Art Community on Facebook More

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    Who the Hell is this Tachyon Guy?

    Hi all, I am Tachyon, Robert, who runs the excellent website Web420, has asked me to make some blog posts here, about psychedelia. Since this subject is seen by many as obsolete I really need feedback, so please write and let me know what you would like to see here. In my last post, I […] More

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    Where to Now Psychedelia?

    Psychedelia – Coined by psychiatrists in the late 50’s to describe the effects of hallucinogenic drugs which were being tested for therapeutic values; the word psychedelic (mind-manifesting) eventually came to cover a more broad scope of things that had profound effects on the senses and mind. Psychedelic Art is used to describe work which attempts […] More

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    Psychedelic Hippy Vans

    Here are some really new cool psychedelic VW van images! There is a surf van with waves on it, a van with painted redwood trees, a love van, Alice in Wonderland van, Grateful Dead van, think peace van, turtle van, and more! Join the Facebook Group: I Love Painted VW Hippy Vans More

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    New Trippy Psychedelic Images 2

    Here are a bunch of really cool trippy psychedelic art images. There are images of trippy fractals, psychedelic spirals, long exposure light art, a psychedelic stop sign, a psychedelic conscious expansion, a psychedelic dove, a trippy shroom, and a lot of really awesome patterns and bright colors. Join the Psychedelic Art Community on Facebook More

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    Psychedelic Rainbow Artwork

    Here are 48 images with psychedelic rainbow art. There are spirals, water drops, paint splatter, abstract designs, smoke, lasers, and more. All the images are really bright and colorful. Click on an image to see the full size. Join the Psychedelic Art Community More

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    New Psychedelic Trippy Images

    Here are a few graphics I found on the internet. There is a Grateful Dead style band, a strange multiple layered patten, psychedelic meditation graphic, a trippy pattern image, a fractal spiral, and a strange colorful psychedelic graphic. I hope you enjoy them. Check out the post: New Trippy Psychedelic Images 2 Join the Psychedelic […] More

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    21 Awesome Psychedelic Graphics

    Here are 21 really trippy psychedelic images. Be sure to check out the psychedelic multi-colored lizard, the trippy psychedelic face, and the strange three eyed psychedelic creature. There is also a psychedelic chakras image and many other interesting and trippy images. Leave a comment if you enjoyed looking at them. These images are here with […] More

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    Psychedelic Arc

    This is the National Memorial Arch which is located in Valley Forge, Pennsylvania. It was built in 1910 and is dedicated, “to the officers and private soldiers of the Continental Army December 19, 1777 June 19, 1778”. The National Memorial Arch was designed after the Arch of Titus in Rome.   More

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