21 Awesome Psychedelic Graphics

Here are 21 really trippy psychedelic images. Be sure to check out the psychedelic multi-colored lizard, the trippy psychedelic face, and the strange three eyed psychedelic creature. There is also a psychedelic chakras image and many other interesting and trippy images. Leave a comment if you enjoyed looking at them.

psychedelic multicolor lizard psychedelic face trippy psychedelic creature trippy DNA code with woman psychedelic chakras psychedelic mushroom psychedelic fish psychedelic Gonesh face connected psychedelic mermaid psychedelic shaman psychedelic fish with DNA maze planet LSD DNA spiral psychedelic soul eater trippy spiral trippy red graphic A cell or the sun trippy psychedelic hallway vesicles with neurotransmitters

These images are here with permission from
If you want to see more of these psychedelic graphics visit their site and click “psychedelic art” on the sidebar.

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  1. I love these!!!!! they are soo awesome!! who are the artists? these seriously are really talented pics!!!

  2. I reaaaly love those. The labyrinth/planets one made me think of corals, and I lost myself in a 30 min reverie, while my mind was swimming amongst the multi-coloured fishSmile

  3. who created or is the artist of the middle one on the first line of three. the face with the headdress lookin thing, , im one session in of a 5 session tattoo of this on my arm Wink

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