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    27 Amazing Optical Illusions and a Trippy Video

    Here are 27 really cool optical illusion images and a video. The images are all static, but a lot of them appear to be moving when you look at them. Some images appear to move towards you, others spin, while some create wave like patterns. After you look at all the images there is a […] More

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    Psychedelic Rainbow Artwork

    Here are 48 images with psychedelic rainbow art. There are spirals, water drops, paint splatter, abstract designs, smoke, lasers, and more. All the images are really bright and colorful. Click on an image to see the full size. Join the Psychedelic Art Community More

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    Get Trippy Psychedelic Posters made by

    Here you can order psychedelic posters made by Web420. In the past a lot of people asked about ordering Web420 posters, now they are available online! Buy posters here! Currently there are 42 different psychedelic posters you can get at our store. Some of the different poster designs you can choose from include: The posters […] More

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    21 Awesome Psychedelic Graphics

    Here are 21 really trippy psychedelic images. Be sure to check out the psychedelic multi-colored lizard, the trippy psychedelic face, and the strange three eyed psychedelic creature. There is also a psychedelic chakras image and many other interesting and trippy images. Leave a comment if you enjoyed looking at them. These images are here with […] More

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    Psychedelic Illusion

    A trippy illusion I made with Photoshop. Click on the image below until it loads the full size image. Now stare at the center and move your head closer to your monitor and back away again. It should look like the lines separating apart in strange way… The brain tries to interpret the diagonal lines […] More

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    Trippy Psychedelic Wallpaper of an Oak Tree

    Gnarled oak tree with a bright and colorful orange-blue-purple sky behind it. Click on it to load the full size 2048px × 1536px image. See more images like this at the Psychedelic Nature Photo Section of Join the Psychedelic Art Community More

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    Bright and Colorful Trippy Writing

    Brightly colored cursive style art. This was made using a camera on long exposure; it is a photo of oncoming car headlights while driving home from a trip to the coast. The images were altered to make them look like they do here. Click on the image below to see the full size graphic. The […] More

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    Fractal Psychedelic Wallpaper

    Blue psychedelic fractal spiral looks like kinda it’s exploding. Each offshoot splits into 3 separate ones. Join the Psychedelic Art Community More

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    Old psychedelic wallpaper

    There are 4 galleries of psychedelic artwork and a gallery of nature photos at The psychedelic wallpaper is at: The nature wallpaper is at: Join the Psychedelic Art Community More