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  1. sex

    dood i am like looking for 1 of these thing i think i would be the best 4 my first car i live n a lil town so everbody would reconize so do u have n e ideas how i could git sum din like this n how much it would cost

  2. sex

    I WANT THIS SO BAD! Buttt, I’m not old enough to drive yet. And I kinda wanna paint my own =]. My mom has a van and its kinda got some problems, but I’m thinking about fixing it up as my first car. Congrats on the amazing paintjobb. Thanks for the inspiration.

  3. sex

    Hello. Nice paint! I like the design of your van! Nice paint job! Different colors huh?! Great! Thanks and have a nice day! Smile

  4. sex

    Hey my boyfriend and I saw this van at the OCF this summer, I fell in love with it, and tried to walk past everyday!! The colors and art are so amazing and brilliant!! Great job!! I don’t have a VW, but a ford focus, I was thinking about painting it, did you do this yourself??

  5. sex

    i LOVE that van, when i get a car it is so going to look like that!

  6. sex

    This van was painted by an amazing Oregon artist named Samonberry!

  7. sex

    me and my 9year old daughter would love to have this for all of our days that we spend together and our road trips to see grandma in seaside oregon.

  8. penny

    OMG!! when i first saw this pic of this van, i immediately fell in love with it. I’m turning sixteen in a couple months and i’ve been begging my family to get me an old volkswagen van, so that me and my friend can paint it together!!

  9. Willie Tha Fuckin' Kid

    WOW, such a trippy paint job, dude. I can totally dig it. I wish that this was my van. I’d drive it everywhere, for sure.

    Fuckin’ great job, ya digg.

  10. sylvia krzemien

    funny bus Smile
    am I allowed to use the image of the painted hippie bus for a flyer..we are going to have a sixties party? if yes, please send me the picture in better quality (for print) to my mailadress. thanks a lot

  11. […] country. We stayed there sometimes and used the shower when we could. Of course, we had the iconic VW van with psychedelic paintings all over it, including a large peace sign. Not Us, but much like our […]

  12. TOM IZZO


  13. OMG! I think this used to be my old van! Same dents, bent fender, rust spots… but new paint job. Crazy! (Scroll down to see my Winnie the Pooh paint job here:

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