Really Bright and Colorful Psychedelic Volkswagen Van

Really nice paint job on this hippie VW van. It has fairies, mushrooms, flowers, a dragonfly, a rainbow, the moon, and more! Pretty trippy!

Psychedelic VW Van

Updated April 30th, 2011 with new photos below

Psychedelic VW Van

Psychedelic VW Van

Psychedelic VW Van

Psychedelic VW Van

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  1. OMG!! when i first saw this pic of this van, i immediately fell in love with it. I’m turning sixteen in a couple months and i’ve been begging my family to get me an old volkswagen van, so that me and my friend can paint it together!!

  2. WOW, such a trippy paint job, dude. I can totally dig it. I wish that this was my van. I’d drive it everywhere, for sure.

    Fuckin’ great job, ya digg.

  3. hi,
    funny bus Smile
    am I allowed to use the image of the painted hippie bus for a flyer..we are going to have a sixties party? if yes, please send me the picture in better quality (for print) to my mailadress. thanks a lot

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