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  • Flavor Tripping – Miracle Berries

    Flavor tripping is what it is called when you use a ‘miracle berry’ to change your taste buds temporarily,...

  • The Vanagon Song

    I drive a muthaf***in vanagon. It’s the dopest f***in ride on the planet man. Its got a queen size...

  • The Roast of Weed

    A funny animation about different drugs roasting weed. They tell funny drug related jokes. The voices are done by...

  • The Dirty F****** Hippies Were Right

    A video about how a lot of the things hippies were fighting for were right, and still relevant today....

  • Drunks vs. Highs

    This is a hilarious comedy video of a game show pitting a drunk guy vs a stoned guy to...

  • Adventure Time Psychedelic Intro

    Here is a psychedelic version of the Adventure Time intro video.   Join the Psychedelic Art Community on Facebook

  • Rare Grateful Dead Videos

    Here are a bunch of rare Grateful Dead Songs. A lot of these are the Grateful Dead covering other...

  • Crazy Psychedelic Artwork

    Gallery of trippy psychedelic artwork. The gallery has Pink Floyd and Jimi Hendrix images, spirals, bright colors, crazy patterns,...

  • The Psychedelic Beatles

    Here are some trippy psychedelic style Beatles art and graphics. There are images from the Yellow Submarine Movie, Sgt....

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